Unlock the infinite possibilities of I CAN

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Welcome to Spring Masterminds

Hosted by KW MAPS Coaching, Masterminds brings together an exclusive community that shares knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony to help solve problems. This 3 day event will provide you with an opportunity to collaborate, extend your network and think bigger.

Unlock the infinite possibilities of I CAN at Spring Masterminds. Innovate, Collaborate, Achieve and Network with the best in the business.

Technology Masterminds

MAY 23

Discover and share cutting edge technology that will power your real estate business and keep you ahead of the pack.

Agent General Session and Masterminds

MAY 23 & MAY 24

Join Dianna Kokoszka and Tony DiCello for this opportunity to collaborate with the best in the business and accelerate your results.

Leadership General Session and Masterminds

MAY 24 & 25

Join CEO of KW MAPS Coaching Dianna Kokoszka, along with other top leaders and producers for an impactful event you can’t afford to miss. Designed to focus market center leadership looking to build unstoppable teams, Leadership Masterminds is where exceptional leaders mobilize to cast their vision.

Expansion Mastermind

MAY 25

The top agents across North America gather to mastermind together. Mega agents will be focusing on skill building and team building during this event.