June 8 - 9, 2020


This spring, Masterminds goes digital.

With the industry and everyday life in flux, the strongest find ways to adapt and change with it. We’re talking about you; those that elect to suspend the tactics of yesterday, take control of what they can, and learn from each other. 

We’re also talking about Masterminds hosted by KW MAPS Coaching. Traditionally held in person, Masterminds is going digital this spring. And, while the format is new, the value remains the same, if not more critical to your business than ever.

Agent Masterminds

Experience a virtual roundtable discussion with other agents in your role. Expertly guided by top KW MAPS Coaches, this is where like-minded agents meet to crowdsource best-practice solutions to their most pressing business problems.

Leadership Masterminds

Designed to focus market center leadership looking to deliver more value than ever before, Leadership Masterminds is where exceptional leaders mobilize to cast their vision.

Special Speakers

Expected and unexpected forces have moved us into a shifting market. Gain powerful advice from KWRI executives and industry leaders on how to pivot during these times of market uncertainty and rise from it stronger than ever.